Operation Combat Pike is an innovative program that combats invasive Pike while introducing Veterans to career options. On each outing, VIPER mentors engage with transitioning Veterans. These fishing trips enable Veterans to have discussions about their transition in a comfortable atmosphere. This program thanks them for their service, introduces them to well-paying careers and helps eradicate an invasive species.

Operation Combat Pike primarily targets E1-E6 personnel who represent, in our opinion, the most vulnerable part of our military. Our country asks a lot of our lower enlisted service members, and VIPER ensures that they are supported through the transition. We utilize heritage military aircraft on floats as one of the ways to access fishing locations. The VIPER Airframe & Powerplant School maintains the Program’s WWII aircraft while VIPER interns will be co-pilots. Using heritage military aircraft honors past generations of Veterans while supporting the current generation. These WWII aircraft give current veterans a strong connection to their own military heritage.