Mark Sayampanathan served as a Third Sergeant in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and trained in Air Defence NCO/Ops NCO. He feels that his military service prepared him for the civilian workforce by providing leadership training and he learned “The importance of understanding the mission.” In addition to his military service, he served 25 years as a civilian contractor in various IT companies, supporting DOD IT requirements and developing a cyber defense strategy. His military service is followed by his children. Two sons, one a wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and the other a Network Support Specialist as well as his daughter-in-law, an Aeromedical Tech serving in the West Virginia National Guard. Another son works as a shift supervisor with a United States Navy contractor overseeing maintenance, refurbishment, and overhaul of nuclear power plants on carriers and subs.

 As a partially retired individual, he enjoys his hobby as a church musician and believes that he has a vast network of corporate relationships that could align well with the VIPER mission.

 Mark is the VIPER Director of Strategic Partnerships. VIPER’s cause is deeply personal to him after the loss of a good friend from Desert Storm who committed suicide in summer 2017.