Kyle J Kaiser served in the United States Army achieving the rank of Sergeant. He attended U.S. Army Infantry Basic Training, U.S. Army Airborne School, U.S. Army Sniper School, and Arctic Light Infantry Training. He said, “The leadership and tactical training were second to none but translating my military occupation to a civilian career was not possible.”


He currently works as the Membership Development Lead for the IBEW. He feels, “With my position in the IBEW I was able to spearhead the launch of the Veterans Electrical Entry Program (VEEP). After VEEP was launched I began working on a way to offer more career paths to Veterans and Military Spouses. I started VIPER to create more tangible routes into civilian careers.” When he is not coordinating VIPER efforts he enjoys shooting, hiking, and snowmobiling with his family.


Kyle is the Founder and President of VIPER and the reason he believes deeply in VIPER is to achieve his goal to end Veteran suicide by providing direct pathways to quality civilian careers. Kyle has an extreme passion for what he does, and it shows through his dedication and accomplishments.