Gary Olson’s love from the military, its history, and his genuine appreciation for Veterans has deep roots. His father Warren Olson and both of his uncles Loring and Don, served in the U.S. Army in the 50’s and 60’s. In addition, his passion was deeply influenced while growing up as the sidekick of Dale Bondurant and Bill Craig, a set of WWII Veterans. Although he was unable to join himself due to injuries his passion for all that the military has done for this country is evident in all that he does.

 With a Construction Management degree from Central Washington University he has worked extensively throughout Alaska from rural villages to the Aleutians. He has had many opportunities in the construction industry from a laborer to a business owner and says, “As a business owner, hiring veterans has always resulted in some of the best employees.” He is proud that his family has been living in Alaska since 1958 and has many hobbies including hunting, fishing, camping, and seeing all the wonders Alaska has to offer.

 Gary’s love of military history began his original pursuit to create the National Arctic Warfare Museum. His idea was to use today’s Veterans to retrieve and properly curate WWII artifacts from remote Alaskan theatres of war. He believed that this pursuit would tie generations of Veterans together and allow these artifacts, a physical representation of the greatest generation, the opportunity to continue to save lives. After numerous amounts of research, Gary met with a highly motivated Veteran named Kyle Kaiser who was already championing a similar cause of supporting Veterans into electrical trades. This was when VIPER was born.

 Gary serves as the VIPER Director of planning and special projects. In his own words, he supports VIPER because he has, “Always been committed to causes that help save human lives and seek out others who feel the same.”