Dave McKay is a Navy Veteran with over 32,000 flight hours. His long aviation career includes 2 ½ years flying attack A-4s in Vietnam. He has extensive flight hours include everything from the four-engine turboprop Hercules to the Sikorsky S-64 sky crane, an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter.


He has been a champion for the state of Alaska from the moment he moved here. He flew Senator Ted Stevens and his family in 1970 during Senator Stevens’ first U.S. Senate campaign. Dave established an air ambulance program in partnership with Providence Hospital in the 1980s. He also oversaw the design and construction of the new facility at Anchorage International Airport with the construction that was completed in 19 months, 45 days earlier than scheduled, and completed under budget. He then took early retirement to operate a small fleet of boats during the Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up efforts.


Dave McKay serves as the Vice President and Director of Flight for VIPER. In addition to his flight experience, he brings a no-nonsense approach to the way VIPER operates. Always ready to take notes and provide knowledgeable insight, he is a valuable member of the VIPER team.