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VIPER believes veteran underemployment, unemployment, and homelessness are primary causes of veteran suicide and has a plan to stop it. VIPER’s purpose is to train and guarantee employment/career placement to Veterans and Military Spouses. We assist applicants in career path decisions and coordinate placement in the program of their choice. Our business partners sign contracts with our applicants that specify important details of employment; number of hours to be worked, wages, healthcare, retirement plans, and required training needed for the position. Once the agreement is signed, the VIPER applicant attends training to gain the necessary credentials for their chosen career. This direct entry method into a career, based on the needs of the Veteran/spouse and the employer, is unique. VIPER redefines what it means to transition. VIPER – A solution that works

This is VIPER! VIPER is transition REDEFINED. Why is ending veteran suicide is a mission close to my heart? I served as a U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Sniper in Apache Company 1-501(ABN) INF 4-25 BCT and tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I blessed that there were no casualties of the soldiers in my charge. During the two and a half years deployed to combat with these soldiers, I was not prepared for the battle that was looming when we made it home. As a Sniper Team leader and Infantry Squad leader, I led and provided guidance and brought them home safely. After valiantly serving their country they exited the Army, like so many do, without any marketable skills. They were looking for a sense of purpose, meaningful employment, a chance to succeed. But, when my brothers in arms saw ending their lives as their only option, I felt defeated. A darkness settled over me and I knew something needed to change. My new purpose stared me in the face-to dedicate my energy to make sure this evil is stopped. VIPER is a vital change. VIPER programs are free and available to all Veterans. Just as importantly we offer this
training to Military Spouses.

We work hand in hand with our business partners to create quality opportunities for Veterans and Military Spouses. Together we will be the change America’s Veterans deserve. VIPER is transition REDEFINED!

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Kyle Kaiser

Kyle Kaiser


Kyle is the Founder and President of VIPER and the reason he believes deeply in VIPER is to achieve his goal to end Veteran suicide by providing direct pathways to quality civilian careers. Kyle has an extreme passion for what he does, and it shows through his dedication and accomplishments.

Dave McKay

Dave McKay

Vice President

Dave McKay serves as the Vice President and Director of Flight for VIPER. In addition to his flight experience, he brings a no-nonsense approach to the way VIPER operates. Always ready to take notes and provide knowledgeable insight, he is a valuable member of the VIPER team.

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